The Power of Video

Since adding a video of me to my website, I have more clients eager to book me.  And they rarely feel the need to meet me first.

As a photographer, I felt like I needed to win clients with my photos.  But almost every photographer has great photos to put on their website.  Every planner has great testimonials to share.  Every cake artist can make a great cake.

What wins couples over is...

  1. Connecting with you personally.  Hearing someone's voice, seeing their eyes light up - that's how we connect with people.  The best way to do that is face to face, but we first have to when them over with your website and video is the best way to do that.
  2. Hearing your passion.  We don't buy what someone does, we buy why they do it.  Every photographer can seem the same to a couple until they hear their passion, their motivation, their personality.  And video allows you to do this much better than paragraphs of text.

PRICE: $350

I want to do the first 10 videos for $350 (then I'll probably raise my rate to $500).

Your Turn 

I'd love to make a 2 - 3 minute video for your website that shows off your personality and passion so that you can set yourself apart online and make more couples fall in love with you before you even meet you.  We can get creative/fun/whatever fits your brand!

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Let's Shoot It

If you'd like to book a video shoot, just click here and schedule a 3 hour block of time for us to shoot!

Before the shoot, I'll send you a quick questionnaire to get your vision + give you my tips.  After the shoot it takes me about a week to get the video edited and in your dropbox/email.

If you have any questions, just shoot me an email at or use the contact form: