We are so excited to have you living at our beloved little Palace!  Here some information that will come in handy when something catches on fire or when you get the munchies...


Code: 3199
To arm, press Doors + Windows.  You have 60 seconds to get out, 30 seconds to turn it off when you re-enter
Press D+W twice for "No Entry Delay" (this means that if a door or window opens, the alarm will immediately sound)
Press D+W then Silent to arm without hearing the annoying beeping for 60 seconds
Alarm will only arm if all doors and windows are closed
If alarm goes off for more than a few seconds, Front Point will call (Bre) and ask for the passcode: IFterns

Trash day is every Monday.  Recycling is every other Monday.  They usually come pretty early, so set it out Sunday night.

We are storing some of our stuff in the shed.  You are welcome to use the rest of the space if you need to store anything.  The code: 319

Washing Machine
The washing machine has character.  Some days it's in a mood and it likes to stop the cycle every 3 minutes.  Usually it gets in this mood when the load is somewhat heavy.  Keep it light, keep it happy.  The dryer is always in a good mood.

Air Filter
Replace every 6 weeks-ish.  There is a box with a few air filters in the garage (they are 14 x 25 x 1 inch, if you need to buy more eventually).  To replace, go to the hallway, open the door above the floor vent, and find the little metal door underneath the A/C unit.  Remove old, insert new.

To keep the house cooler and not spend so much on utilities, keep windows/blinds facing the sun closed when possible.  Also, keep garage and laundry room doors closed (there's no air vent in there so it gets hot).

There is a metal "key" on the fire place that turns on the gas (right side of fireplace).  When Christmas music is playing and cozy socks are on, make sure the flu is open (we always leave it open) and then place a log on the log holder.  Then insert key, turn it about a quarter turn, and then immediately use a lighter to light the burner.  When done, turn the key back to off position.  Or you can just use it like a normal fire place and light the log and not use gas.

A couple of the burners have attitude.  If they don't light after a few tries, then use the same method as the fireplace - have a lighter in hand, turn the burner to "light" position so that it is producing gas and immediately light the burner.

Projector + AppleTV
In the living room ottoman there is an AppleTV and a projector.  Connect the two, power up the projector and enjoy!  We set the projector on the ottoman, prop it up a little with a book, and slide the ottoman forward/back until it's the right size.  Then twist the projector lens to focus the image.  Or maybe you have a TV... :)

We use a guy named George to mow our lawn.  He charges $30.  Nice guy.  He only accepts cash.  When we're not home, we just put the money under the front mat.  If you want to use him, his number is: 512-923-9906

Nearbys and Must-Trys
Austin Stone - our wonderful church has a south campus just half a mile away if you're interested in checking it out!
Southpark Meadows - giant shopping center (I get lost in it) that is half a mile east and has everything you need to survive plus Amy's Ice Cream.
Chuys - eat your weight in chips, salsa, and CREAMY JALAPENO.  Then get regret eating too much Tex-Mex.  Wait.  Never regret that.
Alamo Drafthouse - is there any other movie theater?  Get there half an hour before your movie to enjoy all the pre-show.  And then order food/drinks/bottomless popcorn and never go to Cinemark again.
Stouthaus Coffee Pub - our favorite coffee shop in Austin.  Mostly because our good friends just opened it up one year ago (they were the worship leaders at our old church).  Wonderful people, wonderful drinks, heavy furniture.
Lick Ice Cream - Amy's Ice Cream is the main local cream store in Austin, but Lick has my heart.  Give it a try.  Don't let the names of the flavors turn you off.