September Recap

September is normally one of my least favorite months.

September means it's my birthday.  And I hate my birthday.  (I recently tried to dive into my psyche to understand better why I don't like celebrating another year of life but it got messy, so let's just leave it be.)  But this year we played it low key on my birthday.  We ordered in and Ashley let me introduce her to Friday Night Lights.  Not bad.

For most of my life, September has meant back to school.  Thankfully that's over.  (Well, not for Ashley.)

September also has a reputation of being stupidly hot in Texas.  But we're not in Texas anymore.

So September wasn't so bad this year.  It was actually good.  Kinda great.  We're in a new city, so no one knew it was my birthday.  And I didn't have to go back to school (though I did take an online course to become a certified personal trainer).  And it wasn't hot.  Try sunny with a high of 75.  Dang, September might be one of my top 5 favorite months.  (Yes, I have them all ranked.)

To recap our past month, we have another Music Video Monday!  If you missed the first two music videos, catch up on those here and here.  Then enjoy our September recap below.

Featuring the music of Ben Howard and some video from the Ben Howard show we just saw at Red Rocks: